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Be Careful What You Wish For – 6.29.16

Managed Futures Post Brexit – 6.27.16

Fear Is Not An Investment Decision – 6.24.16

The End of the Beginning or Beginning of the End (Redux) – 6.20.16

The Fed Minutes Are Not As Dovish As The Markets Are Reading Them – 6.16.16

Employment Numbers Disturb the Markets, but… – 2.8.16


Are The Securities Markets Telling Us Anything New? – 1.13.16


Start the New Year by Ignoring What You’ve Seen Thus Far – 1.6.16


Some Answers for the Media – 12.30.15


Do Recent Events Create Opportunities In High Yield? – 12.11.15


Record Low for Unemployment Claims And China’s Disappearance – 11.19.15


Market Reacts to Paris, IMF, and New Retail Sector Numbers – 11.17.15


It’s Been An Interesting Few Weeks – 10.22.2015


With Indicators Positive, Are We Moving Back To “Normal?” – 9.29.2015


The Fed Took Dramatic Action Today… It Did Nothing – 9.17.2015


Awaiting the Fed—Does it Matter? – 9.15.2015 – Audio


What Do the New Jobs Numbers Mean? – 9.8.2015 – Audio


A Lot Of Noise, But On Path Back To Normal – 8.28.15


Portfolio Repositioning: How Does It Play Out? – 8.26.15


Recession or Market Correction – 8.24.15


Unemployment claims lowest in 42 years.  What does it mean? – 7.23.15


Bumped for the President – Thoughts on China, Greece, and Iran – 7.15.15


Devil is in the Details – Jobs Report – 7.2.15


Grexit and China – 6.29.15 


Greece, trade numbers, Congressional trade talks – 6.15.15 


Volatility is the word of the day – 6.11.15


JOLTS Report and a Potential Rise in Rates – 6.9.15


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