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Markets are Macro Right Now, but the Details Don’t Support Those Bets

Just a few observations: Volatility I was waiting for the numbers this morning. As one can see, the US consumer seems to be doing just fine. They are actually buying real goods and services, taking advantage of increased income, transportation costs are down, and there is a generally okay outlook. I think we are seeing […]
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North Dakota, Oil Prices, Pace of Pumping and Accidents

I was in Bismarck, North Dakota and environs two days last week at the invitation of BNC Corp., and was fortunate enough to spend time with some bankers, operators in the Bakken Formation in the Williston Basin and some very successful hard-working people in the region. Some of them have benefitted from the energy activity […]
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STA Money Hour—The Economy, The Markets, Oil, and Investing

A week ago I was in Houston for a presentation and was able to spend an hour with Mike Smith and Luke Patterson on their radio program, which provides some very good financial insights to the local listening audience. I had just come out of a presentation so was loaded with information, which they proceeded […]
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