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Employment Triggers a Green Light for a Fed Rate Hike, but…

It’s still a slow growth environment. Inflation is low. Investors can expect continued performance dispersion. Employment is off the table for the Fed As mentioned in our earlier video blog the November employment gain of 211,000 combined with the upward revisions totaling 35,000 for September and October certainly took the employment issue off the table as a […]
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STA Money Hour—The Economy, The Markets, Oil, and Investing

A week ago I was in Houston for a presentation and was able to spend an hour with Mike Smith and Luke Patterson on their radio program, which provides some very good financial insights to the local listening audience. I had just come out of a presentation so was loaded with information, which they proceeded […]
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Modern Portfolio Theory Today

University of California, San Diego (UCSD) held a wonderful event October 16, celebrating the 25th anniversary of Dr. Harry Markowitz Nobel Prize in Economics for his seminal and lasting work on Modern Portfolio Theory. Among other activities, Dr. Markowitz still teaches at the University. And now, there will be an endowed Chair in his honor. If […]
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