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The End of the Beginning or Beginning of the End (Redux): Video Commentary

  Links to Referenced ThinkAdvisor and Blog Content: A Different Liquidity Trap https://altegrisblogs.com/2014/05/28/the-end-of-the-beginning-or-the-beginning-of-the-end/    

Employment Surprises, But Take That With A Grain Of Salt

See below for employment data:

Preparing for the Unemployment Numbers in December and January.

Don’t expect much help reading the economy or the markets or the Fed The initial weekly claims data for the week ending December 26th showed a seasonally-adjusted increase of 20,000 from the previous week and raised the 4-week moving average by 4,500 to 277,000. The Department of Labor did note the instability of seasonal factors […]
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Employment Triggers a Green Light for a Fed Rate Hike, but…

It’s still a slow growth environment. Inflation is low. Investors can expect continued performance dispersion. Employment is off the table for the Fed As mentioned in our earlier video blog the November employment gain of 211,000 combined with the upward revisions totaling 35,000 for September and October certainly took the employment issue off the table as a […]
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Good Employment Numbers and The Fed

Market Reacts to Paris, IMF, and New Retail Sector Numbers

Paris, China, Russia and the Impact on Risk

The tragic events in Paris on Friday have not only raised the global risk levels of further terrorist actions, but will also produce behavioral changes geopolitically and locally. This will affect markets beginning now. We are already seeing the pulling together of a more coordinated global action against ISIS by the western world. Europe, of […]
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Employment, China and Other Fed Funds Factors—Redux

September or October or next year Employment Numbers below Consensus, but…  The first seasonally-adjusted employment number for August was well below consensus at 173,000, and well below where we would expect the revised numbers to end up for the month. On the positive side, the unemployment rate declined to 5.1%. Hourly wages are up 2.2% […]
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Employment, China, and Other Fed Funds Factors: How will it all add up?

We still believe the employment numbers, as reflected in the monthly BLS release and the JOLTS reports, are among the more significant factors in the timing and pace of a Fed decision on raising rates. However, the weakening of the yuan in the short term has overwhelmed other factors affecting the global economy and central […]
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South America, PE, and the Fed

Watch Friday’s Employment Numbers Last Friday, July 30th, I was invited back to Bloomberg Market Makers with hosts Matt Miller and Scarlet Fu. Katia Porzecanski, who follows the emerging markets, and Tracy Alloway, executive markets editor, joined the sessions. As usual the producers provide some topics a day or so before the appearances to prime […]
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