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Macro, Markets, and Malarkey

Stocks and Bonds It feels like forever ago, but back in February, the S&P 500 hit its lowest level since 2014 as global growth fears spooked investors, leading to liquidations and deleveraging—most notably for sovereign wealth funds. Fast forward to now…as of the end of July 2016, the S&P 500 closed at 2,173.60—up 7.5% from […]
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Commodities at a Crossroads

Our CEO, Jack Rivkin, recently revisited his thus far prescient view of economic issues facing “The Rest of the Americas.” There are several key drivers one should pay attention to when evaluating the Americas, most of which ultimately lead to the commodity markets. From the Fed’s decision on interest rates (which is highly data dependent), […]
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Market Reacts to Paris, IMF, and New Retail Sector Numbers

Paris, China, Russia and the Impact on Risk

The tragic events in Paris on Friday have not only raised the global risk levels of further terrorist actions, but will also produce behavioral changes geopolitically and locally. This will affect markets beginning now. We are already seeing the pulling together of a more coordinated global action against ISIS by the western world. Europe, of […]
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Awaiting the Fed—Does it Matter?

Portfolio Repositioning We are still in the midst of portfolio repositioning, as not necessarily a cause of the market’s volatility, but in response to the markets initial decline triggered by China’s move to float its currency and introduce other measures to support the economy as capital flows out of the country. Commodities This has brought […]
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Managed Futures Update: Reversals or Corrections?

Managed futures performance can be frustrating for investors. After strong performance in 2014 and into Q1 2015, many may be wondering why the strategy has lost some luster in Q2. The reality is that some of the very strong trends from last year have seen changes in direction. The key to understanding what might happen […]
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