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The Times They Are A-Changin’

As we approach the end of summer, here’s my perspective on economic issues worth watching. Employment The big new noise is the July employment report. Job growth surged, according to the Department of Labor. The US economy added 255,000 positions, according to the Department of Labor, far more than the 180,000 increase that economists had […]
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Our survey shows the role of alternatives in portfolios is likely to increase—But the language needs to change.

We asked Prosek Partners to conduct a survey of a random selection of attendees at our SIC15 held in May. The topic, of course, was the Role of Alternatives in Future Portfolios. 124 of the 649 attendees were asked a series of questions regarding their use of alternatives and some of the issues affecting their decision […]
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Messaging and Positioning in a Different Risk and Return World

A conversation about real estate with broader implications I don’t ordinarily write about specific funds under the Altegris umbrella, but a recent meeting with a gatekeeper and Burland East, who is the fund sub-adviser of the Altegris/AACA Real Estate Long Short Fund (RAAIX) produced some more general observations. Burl has been involved in the real estate […]
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